The Yard
Værftet - The Yard
Værftet - The Yard is the newest offer for the youths in Holbæk municipality. For the time being this youth club café will be placed in the old ship yard in Holbæk - until the new buildings will be built and the old renovated - so that The Yard will become a place for free time activities for everyone from the whole municipality.
This project is still under development and is a result of the close cooperation between NVpro and UngHolbæk - and at the same time many other organisations, like Fonden Holbæk Skibsværft (Holbæk Shipyard Fond) and Holbæk Klatreklub (Holbæk climbing club). Ambitions are high and we hope to create an exceptional place for everyone it the region!
The youth club café is open for all the youths from the municipality in the age from 13 to 18 but many facilities in The Yard can be used by other groups as well.

Contact Pia Heidi Madsen
Tel. +45 72 36 51 32,

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