The Equipment Bank
Grejbanken - The Equipment Bank
Grejbanken - The Equipment Bank is a place where anyone can rent different outdoor equipment. Grejbanken can support you activities with for example see kayaks, canoes, tents, and other needed equipment.
There is a whole network of these rentals in Denmark and UngHolbæk in Holbæk municipality hosts Outdoor Council Grejbank in the Nordvestsjælland region.
Almost everyone can hire the equipment - clubs, associations, groups and families get it for a very reasonable price. You will find the prices on our website under "udstyr og priser". You will find Grejbanken in Mejerigården, Hovedgaden 38 A, Undløse, 4340 Tølløse.

Contact: Thue Henschel
Tel: +45 72 36 51 28 -


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