Summerholiday Acitivities
Sommerferieaktiviteter - Summerholiday Activities
Sommerferieaktiviteter, SA - Summerholiday Acitivities in Holbæk is a project to prevent criminality. It has already many years of experience. UngHolbæk coordinates and offers the activities for children and youths in cooperation with different clubs and associations in and around Holbæk.
SA are positive activities for children and youths from 6 to 18 years and at the same time presentation of the clubs and associations and a chance for them to get new members. Associations wishing to take part in SA can get financial support. The estimated number of the participants is more than 3000 children and youths every summer.

Contact: Marianne Hansen
Tel: +45 72 36 81 05 -  

Contact Pia Heidi Madsen
Tel: +45 72 36 51 32 -  

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